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Charity Baker, Tax Collector

Monday – Wednesday 8:30am to 5:00pm

Thursday 8:30am to Noon

Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

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​Review Your Taxes Online

Review and pay online all of your Lancaster, NH town taxes, including property, water and sewer, timber & gravel.

Review Your Assessment Data Online

View your Lancaster, NH property value assessment information.

Property Taxes

Rate effective 4/1/23: $17.31/$1,000 of assessed value apportioned as follows:

  • Local School $6.53
  • State School Tax $1.26
  • County Tax $2.59
  • Municipal Tax $6.93
  • TOTAL MILL RATE $17.31

    Taxes are collected in July and December.

Example: Property assessed at $150,000 would result in a $2,596.50 tax bill, with an estimated half due in July and the remaining balance due in December.

Assessed Property Values

Property Tax Applications and Forms

Use if you believe your taxes are disproportionate, based on error, or incorrect for some other reason.

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Property Tax Maps

Disclaimer: The tax cards generated on this site are updated on a rotating basis; the owner and assessed value information on the card may not be current

The zoning overlay does not include the Central Business District. Always refer to the adopted zoning maps for designation.

Current Use

Process: Fill out the Current Use Application Form online (link below), print it, and send to the Lancaster Town Office.

Taking land out of current use may trigger a land use change tax. Contact the Tax Collector for more information.

SPACE (Statewide Program of Action to Conserve our Environment): (603) 224-3306

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Timber Tax / Yield Tax

If you intend to cut timber of more than 10MBF of sawlogs and 20 cords of fuel wood for personal use, you will need to file a Notice of Intent to Cut Timber, which you can obtain at the Town Office. (Reference RSA79:10)